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nice basic app

i am a speech language therapist i like to use this app so younger kids can start learning "same and"different", general vocabulary and categories i would prefer more kid friendly every day vocabulary used at times "eggplant" is not a food young children typically know otherwise a nice basic app

Auto progression please

I have purchased most of the MyFirstApp collection to work with students in my occupational therapy practice. They are all high quality and I use them frequently. One improvement Id like to suggest would be an option to automatically progress to the next screen since I have several students unable to use the menu screen.

Fantastic app for children with special needs

This app not only allows for matching...but is a door to support language skills and cognition! Great motivator, with designs that are easily recognizable.

Very helpful App 4 young children

My kids love this App!!!! Helps them with speech, motor skills & turn taking as well. Being a mom with children with delays this App is a great help!

Very easy for young children to learn

This is a terrific app to teach the concept "match to same" and build vocabulary. Preschoolers learn to scan the entire screen and reach across mid-line. All of my students love it.

Would give it 5 but missing a key feature

My son loves this app! Its great and very educational unfortunately I had to delete it because there is no parent section to the game. The advertisements for other games are too easy to get to. I gladly downloaded other titles but there are some that are clearly past his skill level but he doesnt quite understand that. (Hes autistic) I would love to have it again but it caused too much trouble.

Great teaching tool

My girls have loved this game since they were about 12 months old!


My 17 month old loves this. She can complete several of the games and loves the smiley face at the end.

Match it up

Excellent app. I use it with my special needs students.

Nice n simple

My little guy really likes this app. Bought full version.

Great for babies

My 12 month son love it very much


My 19 month old loves this app!

Amazing App

This app is amazing! Visual discrimination, matching, and categorization all rolled into one. The only way to improve the app is to verbally name the categories, at the beginning if sorting and at the end of sorting. You could also say something like, "all of these things have something in common, they are vehicles." Worth the money for the full app!

This is a great first step for learning

Great for a first step, my 18 month old finds all the matches and he loves it.


My two year old loves this app. She is learning so many words and I am very satisfied with the app!


Thanks a lot! My little one enjoy it every day!!!

My son has autism and loves it!!!

Would recommend this title to any 2+ or with learning disabilities!!

Great program!)

My 1,7 years old son enjoys (every day per 10 minutes) this games. Easy and fun and at the same time really good training! Thank you!)

Match it up

Great app for kids just learning how to work on an ipad or kids with inrellectual disabilities.

Great learning tool

With the use of shapes and colours this matching game is on the cutting edge of learning techniques for our newest tech savvy generation.

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