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The best

As a Speech and Language Pathologist I recommend this app it is very useful for young kids, they love it, and they learn from it, thanks My First App

A little bare for the price.

Not a bad app but should have more for the price.

Not localized properly, penny-pinching free version

My daughter tried to play it, but seven out of nine games where locked. She is frustrated; I think its ungenerous to lock up so much of the app. For the most part, the app is English, why do they claim it is localized?

Great First App.

Really nice App., Even for <2 Year Old!


Initially, all the matching boards were free, then I updated and only six were free, I just updated again and now only two are free. You should not take away what you have already given to people. Will be deleting app.

Great learning tool

With the use of shapes and colours this matching game is on the cutting edge of learning techniques for our newest tech savvy generation.


My two year old loves this app. She is learning so many words and I am very satisfied with the app!

This is a great first step for learning

Great for a first step, my 18 month old finds all the matches and he loves it.

Amazing App

This app is amazing! Visual discrimination, matching, and categorization all rolled into one. The only way to improve the app is to verbally name the categories, at the beginning if sorting and at the end of sorting. You could also say something like, "all of these things have something in common, they are vehicles." Worth the money for the full app!

Match it up

Excellent app. I use it with my special needs students.


Impossible to buy and unlock full version...

Great program!)

My 1,7 years old son enjoys (every day per 10 minutes) this games. Easy and fun and at the same time really good training! Thank you!)


Thanks a lot! My little one enjoy it every day!!!

Dont update

The update says 3 additional boards but to get the boards it costs $1.99! Now my daughter is going to be mad because she cant get the other boards open. The update stinks.

Sorry I tried to update

Not only does it cost $1.99 for only 3boards, there is a glitch that fails to connect to iTunes. My students are unhappy, but Ive at least saved my money!

Simple apps, but very powerful. They generate a great deal of interest and enthusiasm. The kids dema

Simple apps, but very powerful. They generate a great deal of interest and enthusiasm. The kids demand more.

Very nice app

I got the app after the update. The app is great. I select the board to play before I give it to my daughter so she doesnt even see the bow, I dont like the bow either. Its simple enough that she can use it independently but engaging enough to hold her attention. The clapping after a match is the greatest! One star deducted for the bow.


I think this is a great identification game for young children. The one thing I can think of that would make this even better is if the name of the object was said when the match was made so that names of objects could be part of that identification process. Thanks for making these!

Good game, but be careful of update

The game is good, but if you update the free version, you will only have two free boards as the note says, not tyhe 6 you had before.

Update is a rip off

Be aware if you update the app it will remove 4 boards! Deleting the app from my iPad. Nice work on tricking people it screwing them out of a useful app. This app and its developer are dead to me.

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